Floating Dock Self Connecting Hinge

Patented system allows docks to be connected simply by pulling or pushing the docks together. The latch system will snap together and will not come apart even in heavy waves (a second security hole is also provided). The dock can also be quickly removed by simply prying up on the latch's and moving the dock, (ideal for docks that have to be removed in the winter or docks that need to be quickly reconfigured. The 4 hole plates will fit most old style pin system and can utilize existing back plates for replacement of existing systems. Uses standard 1/2" carriage bolts (not provided). Hot dipped Galvanized rust resistance to outlast the dock. Yellow Zinc coated is available special order. Dock latch's are available for purchase online with Amazon or feel free to give us a call to order.

Custom Dock corner Brackets available with Self Connecting hinge. Drawings will be provided for your approval prior to fabrication.